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Spoolu is made to help students across the world

Student to Student

Interact with students in your college. Gain the knowledge from your upperclassmen or lowerclassmen.

Endless Resources

Browse through thousands of textbooks on Spoolu. Students have the ability to exchange thousands of textbooks.

Pre-Determined Locations

Students enter their preferred meeting location to save time while exchanging textbooks.

Find the Exact Textbook for your class

Search by the course id, college and last but not least the title of the textbook.

College Made Easy

Spoolu is a platform where college students can sell, trade, rent or give away textbooks for free.

Students are able to find the exact textbooks needed for their classes. Selling textbooks will never be the same.

Frequently asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Question section is where you will find the most popular questions asked. Our team at Spoolu attempts to answer any question in 24 hours. View more on our Frequently Asked page. Click below.

Is Spoolu a free service?
Spoolu is an entirely free service. There is no cost to sign up or to post your resources.
How can I reset my password?
Visit spoolu.com/reset-password and follow the instructions when prompted.
How can I post my textbook on Spoolu?
Login into your Spoolu account and visit spoolu.com/post to post your resource on Spoolu!

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